Super-strong magnets are used for a broad range of functions. Some use it to build and repair electronic equipment; others rely on them to hold on to precious memories or to create easy things like jewelry and watches lighter and stronger. Even cars use strong magnets as brakes for if you get close to the car, it releases the brake and lets it move without holding you back. This allows you to be able to drive wherever you want and not need to worry about certain things holding you back.

The strongest magnets known to man are micro-electromagnetics, they are also called”super magnets” by engineers. They’re created from a particular metal known as neodymium (Ng), which is composed of iron, boron and magnetism. They could produce pulls of many amps which is more than sufficient to do useful things. They are stronger than magnets which are rated at five amps. Although these magnets are strong, they are really quite delicate and are extremely dangerous if necessary.

Another way super strong magnets may be used is if they’re put in hospitals. Inside the magnets there is a gel like material that holds them together and gives them power. This is very good for those that have health problems that prevent them from being able to keep weight and may keep them from wearing medical bracelets which can be very heavy. In addition to that they’re also quite useful for helping to keep bones in their proper position within a person’s body that can reduce pressure on affected regions.

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