Wall Cabinets DIY

Are you searching for a Wall Cabinet for Books to keep your collection safe and organize? If so, you are in the same situation that I used to be in several years ago. I had just built my own home entertainment system and was eager to find something to display my collection. Then I found out that it is possible to build a bookcase that will fit into any small room.

Wall Cabinet for Books

I had the plans ready to build the wall bookcase when I found out that it is possible to do this woodworking project. So I went to my local home improvement store to purchase the materials. I knew I was going to need to purchase some bookcase plans since I had found a set on the internet. But since I already had a plan that I was happy with, I decided to purchase the woodworking plans separately to build my bookcase from scratch.

With these plans, I knew that I could build a wall cabinet for books without having to pay a lot of money to do it. This was especially helpful because I was working with a small amount of space, but I wanted to maximize the amount of books that I could put on the shelves. I also wanted to make sure that there was ample storage available for all of my various collections.

The next step to build my first bookcase was to acquire a table saw. I knew I was going to want to use this woodworking machine to cut my wood boards to size. Since I was starting with a solid wood wall cabinet, I made sure I used the same width and length as the bookcase. After measuring the dimensions of the wood that I wanted to use, I purchased my table saw from a local building supply store. The cost was around twenty dollars, which is really inexpensive considering the fact that I got what I needed and the time I saved. I was actually able to cut the wood myself with no problem at all!

After getting my table saw, I set out to get the other materials I would need to complete the project. Being as I built my first bookcase, I didn’t want to buy any additional hardware, which is why I built my wall cabinet with the solid wood first. I knew that I could find a lot of extra hardware at a good price at my local home improvement store, so all I had to do was to build-in shelves. To complete the job, I needed to find the magnets for sale. I found them at gGilstrumpf & Company purchased some inexpensive metal shelf brackets to attach the shelves to.

To finish off the project, I added some crystal clear glass doors to the front. I was surprised how nice my newly built bookcase turned out. The whole wall cabinet was done in a weekend and I was able to move in next week with only two weeks notice. I was very impressed with all of the different things I was able to store in it, even more so with how easy I was able to put it together. If you’re interested in learning how to build a bookcase for books then you will definitely want to follow along with my next article and get the project plans here!https://www.youtube.com/embed/X1cilNDiULo

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