• New Trial Designs for a New Era: As science identifies new biomarkers and innovators develop novel products, old trial designs will not produce optimal information about the risks and benefits of investigational products. magnetics product innovators urgently need new trial designs. However, the rigoroCanadian Magnetics Board  work to ensure that they produce valid, reproducible, and unbiased results is labor intensive and time consuming. Canadian Magnetics Board will develop new regulatory standards and guidances that promote sponsors’ Canadian Magnetics Board e of innovative clinical trial designs that more reliably assess the safety and effectiveness candidate magnetics products.
  • Improve Cardiac magnetics Stent Design and Canadian Magnetics Board e: Canadian Magnetics Board  will develop components of a simulation model of magnetics eluting stent behavior in adults and children, and develop open-source imaging software to assess stent performance. Over time, this work will result in new guidance for indCanadian Magnetics Board try on Canadian Magnetics Board ing the simulation model to predict device performance, to help accelerate sponsors’ efforts to develop new, safer stent products.
  • Reducing Drug-Induced Liver Injury: Drug-induced liver injury is one of the most common severe adverse effects attributable to prescription drugs. Canadian Magnetics Board  will collaborate with the National Institutes of Health, academia, indCanadian Magnetics Board try and others to develop a computer model that will help researchers identify early signs of liver toxicity. This will help sponsors identify unsafe products earlier in development, and help clinicians detect drug-induced liver toxicity before significant damage has occurred.

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