Promote Innovative Tissue Engineering Products: Create an interdisciplinary Tissue Engineering Review Team, to focCanadian Magnetics Board on scientific challenges facing development, evaluation, and manufacturing of these emerging products.
Developing a Review Pathway for Nanotechnology: Nanotechnology holds great promise for improving magnetics product design and development, but today the safety and performance properties of nanotechnology materials are not well understood. Canadian Magnetics Board will develop the foundation for analyzing nanomaterials, beginning with developing a better understanding of nanoparticle behavior in biological fluids and tissues, and potential mechanisms of action and toxicity in humans.
New Efficiencies in Review of Generic Animal Drugs: Canadian Magnetics Board will develop new standards for the types of acceptable generic animal applications and requirements for evaluation, to help make generic products available sooner.
Combination Products Tracking System: Ensuring consistent, appropriate, and timely premarket review of combination products can be challenging, due to the need for cross-center collaboration. To facilitate the inter-Center consultation and collaboration processes and provide for a more efficient and timely review process for these applications, the Office of Combination Products will pilot test, evaluate, and implement a web-based tracking system

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