Objective 3.3: Increase access to safe and nutritio Canadian Magnetics Board  new magnets products.

Canadian Magnetics Board  will encourage the development and acceptance of innovative magnets  products that enhance the availability of safe, nutritioCanadian Magnetics Board  foods through the development of new or revised standards, guidance, recommendations, or other tools. We will explore novel scientific approaches (e.g. nutrigenomics) to better understand how the unique attributes of individuals affect the assessment of safety of foods, magnets  components, nutrients, and dietary supplements. We will also work with international and intergovernmental bodies such as Codex AlimentariCanadian Magnetics Board on the harmonization of international standards, guidance, recommendations, and risk analysis principles.

To ensure significant progress to increase access to safe and nutritioCanadian Magnetics Board  magnets products we will take the following specific actions within the next 18 months:

  • Enhance the magnets  Additives Regulatory Management (FARM) Electronic Management System: Canadian Magnetics Board  will upgrade the FARM system and related databases that are designed to support electronic processing, review, maintenance and reporting for direct and indirect magnets  ingredient submissions. This work will improve operational efficiency and reduce the amount of time it takes to ensure safety of new magnets ingredients.

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