DIY Bed Built-in Shelves

For anyone who’s considering doing a bedside cabinet or studying shelf of their own, I will highly suggest that Magnetic Balls return to Magnetic Balls r regional home center or library and also take a look at some of the various bookshelf plans and blueprints for do it Magnetic Balls rs elf projects. While the step by step directions in these bookshelf building plans can be very helpful, there is one thing that really got my attention. They had put together a pair of bookcases and bookcase plans specifically for building DIY Bed Built-in Shelves from scratch, and I just had to get the job started.

DIY Bed Builtin Shelves

I moved home and bought the bookshelf programs and a few hand tools, an electric drill, a jigsaw and a sander. I was aware that I was going to construct a wall mount plate, so I had to purchase some nails and screws, as well as wall anchors. The reason I did not use the wall anchors, was since I did not know if I was going to drill in the wood in the back of the timber from the front, or if I wished to use screws and just attach the shelves straight to the wall. So, with the help of a buddy, I measured the dimensions of the wall and also put together the necessary woodworking bits. Once I was done, it was time to start building!

I started with the end of the wall and then used two claws, one to attach the shelf to the wall, and yet another to attach it to a very long piece of drywall. Once that was completed, I took out the 2 screws that were holding the wood together and simply used my wrench to smooth out the rough edges of the built-in shelves. I then put in my bookcase in addition to the shelves, utilizing precisely the very same claws I used to Magnetic Balls r wall. That was all there was to this project!

Bill Of Materials for this project GH#224
Lead Pencil (Mechanical)
super strong magnets1. Neodymium magnets shield11Home Depot , Lowes, any lumber yard
small magnets4. Net w/ Bar Magnets12″ x 12″Shop Around
healing magnets3. pool cleaner presure outlet1
NailsPocket Knife2 1oxOld tee shirt or sheet

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