Disc Magnets

While we’re talking about disc magnets, there are three different types of disc magnets, so let’s start with the simplest, the plain or flattened magnetic pole, which is the largest magnet. The same applies to neodymium disc magnets. Let’s have a look at the three types of disc magnets and their purpose.

First there is the flat magnetic plate with a thin layer of ferrous material sandwiched between it. For the flat disc magnet, it is mainly used for electronic equipment. If it is made out of a ceramic material, that means the top layer is magnetic.

  • Second, we have the Ceramic disc magnets. It is mostly used for decorative purposes in children’s parties. It is either melted on a stove top or molded on a plastic mold and then painted over it.

The third type is the Neodymium disc magnets. This is used to provide a long-lasting power supply to your product. A magnetic power supply is sometimes referred to as a “magnetic motor”.

There are other types of disc magnets. The Ceramic magnets are used in airplanes, satellites, spacecrafts, bridges, ships, house and cars. The Magnets made from ceramic have specific properties that can be used for certain applications.

As for the non-ceramic, it provides a strong magnetic field to the tool such as cutting tools. That is why most of the tool manufacturers use them.

Usually, the ceramic discs are very light in weight and these are the ones most commonly used. There are two types of ceramics: Alb and Carbon. These are ceramic disc magnets designed to stand up to the heavy duty applications.

These discs usually have a smaller magnetic field than the Neodymium magnets. This is the main reason why they are not recommended for use for electronics purposes. Another major difference between the two is that the neodymium disc magnets tend to be stronger than the ceramic discs.

The flat disc magnets are the ones generally used for things like stationery items. It doesn’t mean that the Neodymium discs are not suitable to use for such applications, the main thing to look for in such magnets is strength.

Some of the discs made from iron compounds are specifically designed for heating purposes. They are usually used in furnaces to help increase the speed of heating processes.

They are usually used in combination with metallic materials and metallic alloys in order to improve the conductivity and to get the most out of the magnetic fields they create. It is just the same as the process of ferromagnetism, it makes the metal stronger and the magnets work as magnets.

In general, these discs are used to form magnetic fields and these are only used for use in industrial and commercial applications. The Magnets used for household purposes are usually sold in gift sets, which is the more common of the two. You might want to use them to impress your friends.

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